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For David, it’s a steady, methodical and orderly process on every sale he participates in. Having been a property manager for 16 years, David has seen many properties through a keen eye. This has given him the ability to assess and figure out the value that each one brings. He has also been fortunate to travel the world to places like Tahiti, Australia, Fiji, Thailand, Europe, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Canada, & Mexico. Witnessing what other culture’s wants and needs are, outside of our own, has helped David to be a master negotiator on your behalf. 

Living in North San Diego County for almost 20 years, being married, the father of two,  David would say that his life is exactly as it is supposed to be. Being a real estate agent and serving a community that he loves, works in, plays in, and raises his family in, helps him to know how to serve you best. When looking for a real estate agent, you can count on David for a confidential conversation around the value of your most important investment. If you need someone to champion your purchase or sale, he’s that person.